Mamiya Super 23 Press

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    • Mamiya Super 23 Press

      Want to upgrade to large format photography from 35mm and medium format. Anybody experiences with this camera ? Is this camera ok for 4x5" film or 9x12 cm film ?
    • Hi Bernard,
      whereas the Super 23 offers movements, there are very limited. The later universals don't offer any movements at all.
      This camera is a great press camera, but no large format.
      Even though this model as well as it's competitor, the graflex XL was meant to replace the bellows graphics, those can be regarded to be LF Field Cameras (even the 23 Models, depending wich definition of LF you choose).
      With regard to 4x5 and 9x12: Every international (or graflock) 4x5 back will take 4x5 or 9x12 film holders with no problem whereas they only differ with inside dimensions not outside. Unfortunatly the Mamiya is a 2x3 camera.
    • Thilo,

      Thank you for the information. About Graflex I read that they are rather fragile and not so reliabel. Is that right ? Maybe I will stick to my Pentacon six cameras which are still doing the job very well.

    • Hi Bernard,
      a little puzzling. A pentacon six is a six square SLR, something very different to a LF or a 6x9 press ?!?
      the graflex graphic series has 23 34 and 45 models. You will avoid the 34 for there are almost no filmholders or films available for 3x4 format.
      The 23 models are limited to 2x3 resp. 6x9 format and more limited in movements. The 45 models do the 4x5 format. They still are limited in movements compared to a Linhof Technika. (No rear movements i.e.). For full details and feature list according to different models refer to [url][/url].
      Of course the graphic cameras are not as heavy duty built as i.e. the Linhof stuff. On the other hand they are a lot cheaper, lighter, and where rugged enough to serve generations of press photogs as reliable tools.
      If movements matter look at the newer (60s) models and definitly for a 45. For experimental use of lenses in barrel mount, pinholes or bottle bottoms look for a Speed Graphic. (note, the last Speed Graphic model had no focal plane shutter anymore!). Else, the FP Shutter only adds wheigt, you would rather rely on the lens shutters.
      I do own a old (30s) Speed Graphic 23 and find it quite handy with a roll film holder. I use it as a 6x9 point and shoot.